Classes Developed & Taught

From 2004 to 2008, I taught approximately 50 college-level essay and paper writing online courses as an adjunct professor and tutor at Western Governors University. The curriculum introduces students to the types of writing and thinking required at the university level.

Students practice writing that emphasizes academic arguments with acceptable references. They exercise writing and revising assignments with proper grammar, mechanics, research documentation, and academic styles.

WGU was an initiative of and founded by 19 U.S. state governors. However, it’s a fully accredited private university, not a state university.

Western Governors University

I started UX Writing Institute out of a longing to found a micro institution where students from all over the world can learn about UX writing. 

It offers UX writing crash courses for non-technical career changers. Among them include chatbot writing, microcopy, CX writing, UX research, and helpful tools and apps.

UX Writing Institute


Founder of the forthcoming California Applied University, LLC based in California (USA).


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