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White Paper Writing for Business by Jennifer Xue

With a library of over 1,000 textbooks and over 1,700 business original ebooks, BookBoon is the largest ebook publisher globally, with over 75 million downloads per year. They’re based in Frederiksberg, Denmark and London, UK.

White Paper Writing for Business (2016) is a business book that covers what a white paper is and its history, how to write it, how to arrange it based on categories and components, how to select an internal team to write it, and how to hire a professional white paper writer.

White Paper Writing for Business

I felt so honored when publisher and editor Brian Ainsley Horn approached me about co-writing this Christian inspirational ebook with 29 other authors. Faith Into Abundance (2016) is written by men and women whose faith gives them the extra strength to thrive.

I was so elated when its Amazon rank soared to a best-selling status in Christian Leadership category. It was a joy working on this side gig and a way for me to give thanks for everything I’ve been receiving and will continue to receive.

Faith Into Abundance Chapter 18

Become a Management Consultant

Guide to Become a Management Consultant (FabJob, 2003) was a success story. It was nominated for the EPPIE Award for Excellence in Electronic Publishing under the Non-Fiction How-To category.

Even though it was never a best-selling ebook, I enjoyed working with the top-notch editing team under the guidance of the founders. FabJob is based in Vancouver, Canada. It has metamorphosed into an online course provider.

Guide to Become a Management Consultant

White Papers

This white paper was written for a marketing agency based in New Zealand. The client provides adaptable solutions for financial services with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure that customer-centric requirements are met due to today’s demand.

Customer Service Experience Transformation in Fintech (white paper)

This white paper was written for a blockchain network developed by SV in Moscow (now defunct).


Blockchain Network (white paper)

I wrote this white paper for a marketing agency based in Norway. The client is a food supplement company dedicated to ensuring human and planetary health by dedicating themselves to sustainable fishing practices.

How to Secure Sustainable Fishery (white paper)

I developed this white paper for lead generation purposes with a team of dedicated professionals in a prominent B2B software developer for eyecare businesses and professionals. They’re launching an ERA (electronic remittance advice) app to ensure fast, easy, and accurate insurance payments.

The Easy Way to Post Insurance Payments for Optometrists (white paper)

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