The Market Mogul

[Previously published by The Market Mogul based in London, U.K.]

by Jennifer Xue

Being a landlocked nation, Nepal faces many disadvantages, which includes the restricted resources to develop a healthy and thriving e-commerce industry. However, the 2015 earthquake that killed 9000 and injured 22,000, strengthened bilateral relations with China, which was previously non-existent.

China’s generous aid to assist disaster victims has re-opened diplomatic communication with Nepal. Moreover, China’s decision to include Nepal in its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative might well provide the much-needed infrastructure to help propel Nepal onto the e-commerce center stage. The Silk Road initiative will link some remote areas of Nepal with other linked countries, allowing for the fast shipment of products. In e-commerce, this would translate to the speedy fulfilment and delivery of orders to customers’ addresses.


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