Dear Friends,

I hope to find you well this summer day. I’d like to share a happy news with you. It’s about the relaunching of my online publishing venture, which I founded in 2003 with 100 ebooks.  It has been praised for helping thousands of new entrepreneurs starting businesses with confidence. Every ebook is meticulously researched and contains lesser-known trade and industry information and “secrets.”

Now, with 2.0, we’ll have those 100 ebooks newly written. And by “written,” I’m not saying “revised” or “edited.” They are freshly written to adhere to the latest information, trends, needs, and wants of millennial entrepreneurs.

We’ll also launch an online magazine, which publishes how-to and tips articles, as well as interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty, cosmetics, entertainment, art, hotel/restaurant, food and beverage, tourism, transportation, technology and app, and other fun and stylish businesses. If you know anyone (or maybe yourself) who would fit to be featured, give me a holler at

For all subscribers, we’d be happy to give away 10 ebooks of $300 value if you claim it here.

Looking forward to your involvement in 2.0!

Thank you and gratefully,

Jennifer Xue
Founder and Chief Editor

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