An accomplished multi-voice premium writer with experiences in long, medium, and short forms. Published 2,500+ articles and 100 ebooks/reports. Taught 50+ college-level writing classes. Certified content marketing writer and technical writer. A founder of multiple startups.

Jennifer Xue

Hi, I’m Jennifer Xue. I’m a serial entrepreneur and author. I’ve been writing professionally for more than 15 years with more than 1,500 articles published under my byline in two languages. I’ve also written 1000 more articles and 100 ebooks under pen names and as “staff writer” for various publications. I have taught more than 50 college-level essay and paper writing classes for a US-based accredited private online university.

I have an MSc in Instructional Design from California State University East Bay (formerly Hayward), which explains why my how-to ebooks are praised as comprehensive and easy to understand. I’m very good at translating complex concepts in simple and easy steps. In addition, I attended American Studies and Technical Writing programs at the University of California Berkeley.

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Certified Market Expert

My other training included Business Law, Business Management, Psychology, and Electronic Commerce. Having a solid grasp of various subjects has been extremely helpful in writing multiple issues with a unique viewpoint. And it has been my strong suit.


White Paper Writing for Business by Jennifer Xue

Published by BookBoon, Denmark (the largest e-book publisher in the world with millions of downloads per year)

As a content marketer/marketing writer, I have passed HubSpot Inbound Certification. The program covered: Jennifer Xue, business ghostwriter, Hubspot Inbound certified

Inbound Fundamentals
Essentials of an Effective Inbound Strategy

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines
Creating Content with a Purpose
The Fundamentals of Blogging
Amplifying Your Content with Social Media

Enticing Clicks with Calls-to-Action
The Anatomy of a Landing Page
Guiding the Next Step with Thank You Pages

Sending the Right Email to the Right Person
The Power of Smarketing
Taking Your Sales Process Inbound

The Pillars of Delight

Amazon Best-Selling Book  Guestblogging Graduate 

Become a Management Consultant

Published by FabJob, Inc. (Canada)


In 2003, I was named a finalist for EPPIE Award for Excellence in Electronic Publishing under Non-Fiction How-To Category for my ebook Become a Management Consultant published by FabJob, Inc (Canada).

My byline has appeared in international and regional publications, like Forbes, Fortune, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, NY Parenting, Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, Brunei Times, and others. Because I’m bilingual, I also write regularly for Indonesian-language publications, like Tempo, Kontan, Jasa Keuangan, and Stabilitas, which include a business daily with the highest circulation in the country and a print magazine published by the Central Bank of Indonesia.

For my business acumen and achievements, I have been mentioned and featured as a successful businesswoman in Entrepreneur, Canadian Business, Home Business, People, Arizona Republic, and others. For my writing achievements and social activism, I’ve been interviewed by The Record, The Independent, Voice of America, Swiss Public Radio, and others.






I have been reading and admiring Jennie’s writings for some time when I finally had the opportunity to ask her to write for an organization I worked for. Even though I have done article syndication for more than a decade, Jennie took me to whole new levels. She taught me a better way to deal with international writers, which I found priceless. She is truly a high-quality premium article writer who makes an editor’s work a lot easier. She is more that capable using just the right words to say just the right things, enriched with fluent sentences that are easy-to-understand and fun-to-read-with expressions. You know a good writing when you see it, and you will always see it in Jennie’s works.

Agung Yudha

Public Policy Manager, Twitter

Jennie brings a deep sense of commitment and incredible passion to everything she does. She is a communicator par excellence and has the ability to move from the broad to the deep very quickly. Jennie was kind enough to donate valuable hours of her time for community work, which is how I got to know her, and the more I got to know her, the more I became a Jennie fan. Jennie is a published author, networks very well and I’ve seen her deliver media articles under some pretty strict deadlines. She is results-driven professional and always goes above and beyond what she commits to deliver, while making it look easy at the same time. For all her accomplishments, she has a humble, approachable attitude and exemplifies teamwork.

I would highly recommend Jennie for any position that leverages her communication skills, her ability to get things done and requires a top-notch team player.

Shashi Kiran

Head of Worldwide Marketing, CISCO

Jennie has taught for Abromitis Online Learning many times over the past 10 years. We continued to re-hire her because she was always very reliable and professional. She gave her students terrific attention and made their success her goal. Online Learning requires teachers to be especially personable, welcoming, and supportive to their students, and Jennie excelled at creating a wonderful learning environment for all her students. I am very happy to endorse Jennie!

Dr. Jacky Abromitis

President, Abromitis Online Learning

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