The only kind of writing is rewriting.

Ernest Hemingway


Writing is a lifestyle, just like speaking and listening. In most people, speaking is probably the dominant modality. However, I consider myself more of a writer than a speaker. (Otherwise, I would have become a public speaker instead.)

Being bilingual in English and Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), I can grasp the nuances that most people have missed. It allows me to see things from multiple points of view and enrich my perspectives.

Let’s start with the beginning of my writing career. As a fresh graduate, I was idealistic and started sending off op-ed articles to newspapers and columns to print magazines. I wasn’t a “journalist” per se, as I’ve never done any news reporting. Most of my early journalistic works were opinionated and analytical.

Over the years, I blossomed as a columnist, which culminated as a regular contributor to the “Global Viewpoint” column in Forbes Asia (Indonesia edition in English) for eight years (2012-2020). Simultaneously, I also wrote for Kontan Daily, one of the most prestigious business dailies published in Indonesia (in Indonesian), for ten years (2011-2021).

Writing for an Indonesian audience was such an honor and privilege, as only a handful of trusted columnists had the rare opportunity to influence millions of readers of this growing nation of 273 million with 191 million Internet users.

In addition, I’ve written for dozens of publications and corporate clients for US readers as a staff writer, freelance writer/blogger, copywriter, marketing writer, lead gen writer, and technical writer.

I’ve been working on UX/UI assignments in the last five years, which allowed me to hone my users’ journey mapping, usability research, interface writing, and accessibility/localization skills.

As a bilingual person, I’m also skilled in translation and localization from English to Indonesian and vice versa.

In 2005, I started writing for online publications soon after graduating from an MSc in Instructional Design (Online Teaching and Learning) program at California State University East Bay (formerly Hayward) and Technical Writing certification courses at UC Berkeley. With solid training in structuring knowledge for ease of use and comprehension, I began the journey to writing white papers, structured web content, and UX/UI.

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Most of my works are praised for bringing forth an in-depth understanding of buyers’ journeys, touchpoints, and human behaviors. User satisfaction eventually generates more leads and increases revenue.

At the beginning of my writing career, my ebook Guide to Become a Management Consultant (FabJob, 2003) was named an EPPIE Award Finalist for Excellence in Electronic Publishing under the Non-Fiction How-To category. In 2016, White Paper Writing for Business was published by BookBoon, the largest ebook publisher globally, with millions of downloads annually.

Also in 2016, I was a part of a Christian leader’s ebook project contributing a chapter. Faith into Abundance was once a best-selling book under the Christian Leadership category. It was a fun side gig that brought so much joy.

For four years (2004-2008), I taught essay and paper writing classes for Western Governors University (Utah) as their adjunct professor and tutor. Teaching 50 online classes gave me a taste of how learning can change people’s lives. Since then, I’ve wanted to start my own school.

As a trained course developer and an educator at heart, founding UX Writing Institute came naturally. I’ve always loved teaching and helping people’s dreams come true. This one-person venture is still in the beta phase, where tests (LMS, UX, SEO, etc.) and strategic marketing steps are still being executed. (As of October 2021.)

In a nutshell, I’ve developed, created, written, and published both copywriting and UX writing deliverables. Approximately 3,000 short and long-form contents and 100 ebooks/papers have been produced throughout 15+ years.

Over the years, I’ve found a sweet spot as a copywriter/UX writer/course designer where I can solve challenging problems with hard-earned skills and insights.

Nowadays, writing for mobile and web apps requires much more than understanding Gestalt Principles, Hick’s Law, and F&Z patterns. The design team needs to focus on qualitative research as well, to discover the truth and incorporate data-driven information with rigor and intuition.

Now, let’s get in touch with me on LinkedIn or email at to discuss how my expertise can make a difference.

Copywriting deliverables created:

  • white papers
  • ebooks
  • web articles
  • blog posts
  • landing pages
  • lead gen assets (incl. lead magnets, gated contents, etc.)
  • marketing emails
  • direct marketing emails
  • marketing collaterals

UX writing deliverables developed:

  • Chatbot conversations
  • MVPs
  • low-fidelity sketches/wireframes
  • usability tests
  • web contents
  • landing pages
  • onboarding emails
  • marketing emails
  • content audits
  • content style guides

Jennifer Xue (Jennie Siat)

White Paper Writing for Business by Jennifer Xue





I have been reading and admiring Jennie’s writings for some time when I finally had the opportunity to ask her to write for an organization I worked for. Even though I have done article syndication for more than a decade, Jennie took me to whole new levels. She taught me a better way to deal with international writers, which I found priceless. She is truly a high-quality premium article writer who makes an editor’s work a lot easier. She is more that capable using just the right words to say just the right things, enriched with fluent sentences that are easy-to-understand and fun-to-read-with expressions. You know a good writing when you see it, and you will always see it in Jennie’s works.

Agung Yudha

Public Policy Manager, Twitter

Jennie brings a deep sense of commitment and incredible passion to everything she does. She is a communicator par excellence and has the ability to move from the broad to the deep very quickly. Jennie was kind enough to donate valuable hours of her time for community work, which is how I got to know her, and the more I got to know her, the more I became a Jennie fan. Jennie is a published author, networks very well and I’ve seen her deliver media articles under some pretty strict deadlines. She is results-driven professional and always goes above and beyond what she commits to deliver, while making it look easy at the same time. For all her accomplishments, she has a humble, approachable attitude and exemplifies teamwork.

I would highly recommend Jennie for any position that leverages her communication skills, her ability to get things done and requires a top-notch team player.

Shashi Kiran

Head of Worldwide Marketing, CISCO

Jennie has taught for Abromitis Online Learning many times over the past 10 years. We continued to re-hire her because she was always very reliable and professional. She gave her students terrific attention and made their success her goal. Online Learning requires teachers to be especially personable, welcoming, and supportive to their students, and Jennie excelled at creating a wonderful learning environment for all her students. I am very happy to endorse Jennie!

Dr. Jacky Abromitis

President, Abromitis Online Learning

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