The only kind of writing is rewriting. 

Ernest Hemingway

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill




Visual Resume 12-2023

What They Said about Jennie

In a way, Jennie is a literary opposite of Stockton native Maxine Hong Kingston, who wrote about being trapped between American culture and the wrenchingly different ways of her Chinese immigrant parents.

Cultural dislocation empowers Jennie.

Michael Fitzgerald

Columnist, The San Joaquin Record

The fire within Jennie was ignited as another fire was extinguished.

Justin Lafferty

Reporter, The Tracy Press

They say the people who truly love you are the ones who constantly urge you to improve.

Jakarta native and award-winning writer Jennie embodies this.

Though she has lived in America for more than a decade, Jennie writes exhaustively on Jakarta, its people, its activism and its future.

Shalene Gupta

Writer, The Jakarta Globe

Jennie has taught for Abromitis Online Learning many times over the past 10 years. We continued to re-hire her because she was always very reliable and professional.

She gave her students terrific attention and made their success her goal.

Online Learning requires teachers to be especially personable, welcoming, and supportive to their students, and Jennie excelled at creating a wonderful learning environment for all her students.

I am very happy to endorse Jennie!

Dr. Jacky Abromitis

President, Abromitis Online Learning

I have been reading and admiring Jennie’s writings for some time when I finally had the opportunity to ask her to write for an organization I worked for.

Even though I have done article syndication for more than a decade, Jennie took me to whole new levels. She taught me a better way to deal with international writers, which I found priceless.

She is truly a high-quality premium article writer who makes an editor’s work a lot easier. She is more that capable using just the right words to say just the right things, enriched with fluent sentences that are easy-to-understand and fun-to-read-with expressions.

You know a good writing when you see it, and you will always see it in Jennie’s works.

Agung Yudha

Public Policy Manager, Twitter


Jennie brings a deep sense of commitment and incredible passion to everything she does. She is a communicator par excellence and has the ability to move from the broad to the deep very quickly.

Jennie was kind enough to donate valuable hours of her time for community work, which is how I got to know her, and the more I got to know her, the more I became a Jennie fan.

Jennie is a published author, networks very well and I’ve seen her deliver media articles under some pretty strict deadlines.

She is results-driven professional and always goes above and beyond what she commits to deliver, while making it look easy at the same time.

For all her accomplishments, she has a humble, approachable attitude and exemplifies teamwork.

I would highly recommend Jennie for any position that leverages her communication skills, her ability to get things done and requires a top-notch team player.

Shashi Kiran

Head of Worldwide Marketing, CISCO

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