[Note: In this article, I shared about being an INTJ and what we, INTJs, wish for in life and work partners.]

by Jennifer Xue

INTJs are the “architect” or the “mastermind” type. They belong to one of the rarest groups in the population, comprising only 2% worldwide. INTJ females are especially rare with only 0.8% of the world population, making it hard to find like-minded individuals and be understood by people around them.

In general, INTJs are rational, confident, original, idealist, curious, decisive, privately ambitious, mysterious, and strategic. However, they can be bitter and cynical when the surrounding isn’t accommodating, such as “full of lazy and self-serving people.” If you happen to meet an INTJ and have him or her as a partner in life and at work, consider yourself fortunate. You’ve got yourself a loyal and highly capable confidante.


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