A purpose and behavior-driven interactive system designer, instructional developer, macro-micro marketing strategist, UX writer, and business book author focusing on revenue generation, user satisfaction, and ongoing dialogue.

Analyst, Researcher & Strategist

Jennifer Xue

Design Thinking, Analysis & Faith

Work with Passion

Writing is a tool, strategic living is a fact.

Combined is fab.


Nominated for EPPIE Award for Excellence in Electronic Publishing (USA) under the Non-Fiction category.

Global and Bilingual

The world is my oyster, traveling is my mode of living. The Internet is my lifesaver. Bilingual in English and Indonesian.


Business, Strategy & Publishing

Entrepreneurship, marketing, and writing are the ingredients of my blood. I live and breathe businesses and strategically.

Faith, Humanity & Spirituality

I’m always grateful for what I have and don’t, a humanist at heart and continuously sharpening inner spirituality.

It takes a lot of brain to make things a "no brainer."

Jennifer Xue




Published Books



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